One of the top wedding destinations in Greece is a magnificent island named Tinos. Tinos in known for many things, such as its sunny beaches, its endless, crystal-clear seas, as well as its chapels and churches. As a traditional Aegean island, it is full of little white and blue island houses and rambling alleys, while every 15th of August it becomes the most famous place in Greece due to its church, Panagia.

In my point of view, it is an excellent place for your destination wedding or your next day photo shoot. Tinos’s unique monuments, along with everything mentioned above, make the island quite special. When there, don’ t forget to pay a visit in Panagia Evangelistria Cathedral, one of the most important and popular Greek churches, which also has a very interesting museum. Moreover, you definitely have to visit Monastery Agias Pelagias and Moni Kimiseos tis Theotokou, two memorable monasteries that will fill you with calm and peaceful feelings. When it comes to the astonishing beaches of the island, Agios Ioannis Porto and Agios Sostis are two of the most famous and worth-visiting beaches of Tinos. However, Tinos is an island full of wonderful places, and you can’ t miss Kolympitra, Kionia and Panormos, three exceptional beaches, perfect for a beach wedding or a photo shoot.

In addition, Tinos can provide you with some magical choices when it comes to hotels and boutique resorts. Two of the most luxury ones are Diles & Rinies and Anthea Hotel, which are famous for their excellent service and fantastic view. Tinos has many wedding professionals that can assist you design and create the wedding of your dreams, such as destination photographer George Liopetas, who can provide you with some remarkable photos of your special day.

I think Tinos is a marvelous island and has everything you need to live your wedding day in the fullest. Don’ t hesitate to have a thorough research before you arrive and be prepared to enjoy the sun and the fairytale-like places and locations.


Photography: George Liopetas


Tinos island

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