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Summer is the most popular season to get married in, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. On Getting Married in Greece we’ve previously detailed the things you need to consider for your guests, which include their plane tickets, accommodation options, and off-day entertainment. This time, we’ll talk about one of the most underrated things you need to remember for a summer destination wedding: keeping them and yourself cool and staying fresh. Here are some of the things you can do to help you and your guests survive the heat:

Pick a light colour for your motif

Don’t go for black, deeps blues, or dark purples. Take inspiration from the colours of citrus and summer fruits because nothing says summer like bright colours. Yellows and oranges are often the best choices, while pale blues, sage, peach, gold, pink, and ivory are also great hot weather colours. Any light shade will be a good choice because they don’t absorb as much heat. Plus they look more pleasing against a white and brown background.

Invest in glasses of cool drinks

Pink or blue lemonade is a good choice as it’s not too heavy to drink, and it’s refreshing enough to keep your guests cool whenever they are outside. Fruit-infused ice water is a good choice, too. Vogue recommends adding fruits like watermelon and mango to help reduce the body’s temperature. It’s a simple and delicious way to keep your guests cool and refreshed while you say your vows.

Prepare a sweat-survival kit

One that comes complete with small fans, mints, a pair of sun glasses, coconut water wipes, sunscreen, face blotters, and even a travel-size deodorant. The best thing about these kits is that you can personalise them depending on gender—men get a cool set of handkerchiefs, while the women can get a cooling mist spray or a powder to keep the oil off their faces.

Skip the shoes

Formal shoes can be uncomfortable in the hot weather. If you are having a beach wedding then best to allow the guests to wear flip flops. If the wedding will be mainly outside, it is best to ensure that your feet are well protected and in good health, especially if you are the bride or groom. Martha Stewart Weddings notes that you need to treat your feet like you would your face, and wash them regularly, scrub every once in a while, and get regular pedicures. Pretty Me notes how a Japanese foot peeling mask leaves the person with softer and smoother feet. This will be ideal in either the run up to the wedding or the day after. You can also use sugar and honey to exfoliate your feet or better yet, some Epsom salt and warm water.

Give the women a messy-hair blowout

The humid weather will cause everyone’s hair to fall flat on their faces and stick to their skin, which can be really uncomfortable especially for the women. Ask your stylist to give the women in your bridal party beach curls that are light and easy to maintain. The Cut suggests you keep a curling iron, texture spray, pomade, and shine cream handy. Putting the women’s hair up in a ponytail would also allow them to stay fresh without compromising their looks.

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