One of the most fabulous destination weddings in Greece was created by wedding planning and design agency Crete Within Weddings and took place in one of the most amazing Greek islands, Crete. Destination photographer Hanna Monika took some wonderful pictures next to the breathtaking view of the white and blue sceneries of the island. What I truly loved was the elegance and style that embraced this intimate wedding. I thought that an unadorned decoration with a lush flower decoration is an excellent idea if you wish to create a dashing result through this magnificent contrast. Moreover, I loved the photos by the pool and the magical strolls next to the port that brought a sense of style and classiness to this unique wedding. If you are searching for the right location to get married in Greece, then Crete is an ideal choice. It provides you with all the right venues for a wedding reception and its golden beaches are ideal for a beach wedding or a photoshoot.

Crete within weddings told us: Elena, mother of a bride, had found the Crete Within Weddings on Instagram some months before the wedding day. She wrote me: “We want an intimate wedding in Crete. There are very few guests. Only family member. We live in different countries and for us it’s important to get together. Crete is magnificent in spring, that’s why we decided to have a ceremony in late April.” Elena was a speaker of a couple and she explained me in details what the couple would expect from the wedding day. She sent me all the references and I was amazed by her approach. We understood each other perfectly. It’s precious. I believe it’s a gift of God to have clients who trust you and share the same values. It’s the best receipt for genuine creation of the private event. My only concern as a wedding planner was the fact that the couple has booked a week stay in Crete during the Greek Easter. The Easter is a great experience to live in our island, but I promise it’s not the best time to organize anything in Greece. It’s big national holiday, and the Greeks love to spend these days with their families, most of them prefer to travel to different places. Once again, sorry for being boring, but, please, before you plan your wedding in Crete check the date of the Orthodox Easter out. Avoid planning any event this period of a year. Hopefully within passed years we have created really good connections with suppliers and they kindly offered their services despite on the Holy Week. We are so grateful to you for your support. During two months Elena has been sending me some references, mostly from Dolce&Gabanna advertising campaign. “We want colorful juicy picture, “ – Elena said. Yes, the photographer is one of the most important choices to make. Hanna Monika’s candidature has won. I was absolutely agree with couple’s choice, because Hanna Monika is one of the most professional wedding photographer in Crete. She is an artist and she is always happy to participate in unusual wedding projects. A bride Vasilisa was charmed by her Instagram account. “She can do it for us!” – the bride said. Thus the main accents of the wedding day were family and reddish colors. Inspired by Italian and Greek focus on family relationships we started to search for a right venue for such a small company. Every year I discover new places for wedding receptions in Crete. I might confess there are hundreds corners to perform an intimate wedding ceremony. But I have never thought about the wedding place in the city of Rethymno. Hopefully in Rethymno Old town there s a lot of beautiful family boutique hotels, so me and Maria, a florist, we decided to search in there. And quiet soon we came to the idea that the Rimondi Boutique Hotel might be an ideal spot for an intimate ceremony. I am sure we have discovered the new wedding “bestseller” in Crete. It was the first wedding ceremony at the territory of the Rimondi but the hotel provided very professional service to us and our clients. We all were exited to hear from the guest that the beauty of this venue surpassed their expectations. Waiting for the bride’s gown they were making pictures. Then the music has started, the groom Vlad took his place and Vasilisa has appeared. This moment is my favorite moment of every wedding. Even if a couple live together for some years, the moment when a groom sees a love-of-his—life wearing this vulnerable white dress… it changes a lot. This moment brings you to a new beginning. After vows and Champaign the couple cut a cake, an obligatory accessory of every wedding and all the guests moved to the photo session all together. The idea was that all the family members will participate in the wedding photography. I was doubted that it was a good idea, but since I have seen that these people were acting as united parts of a team, I felt relieved. They had fun together, posing and making pictures on their iPhones. Thus the wedding photo shooting has became the part of the wedding day entertainment. Special thanks to the restaurant AVLI for an opportunity to make some pictures in the yard. The wedding reception took place at the Cretan mountains Psiloritis. I like the fact that our guests had a dinner with amazing view on the mountain Ida, where Zeus was grown. I also like that in Crete we can combine traditional, historical, mythological and modern elements within one day. It’s a big advantage of being a wedding planner in Crete. Read the our client’s comments to feel the mood of that beautiful day in April 2019.


Planning and design: Crete Within Weddings


Crete Island


Photography: HannaMonika | Florals and Rentals:Manfler | Wedding Venue & Accomodation: Rimondi boutique hotel |

Muah: Marina kotzadaki

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