There are plenty of ways to express your love to your better half. This couple decided to show their romantic feelings for each other by creating a truly ethereal day-after photoshoot filled with love. Mania and Jacob, a beautiful couple, had their day-after photoshoot in a magnificent beach, a photoshoot by VY Simopoulos that really enhanced the vivid emotions they hold for each other.

Details like the ring on her finger while she is holding her hair, the colorful lash bouquet and the lace belt of her wedding dress make this day-after photoshoot chic and stylish, filled with romantic and minimal elements. The balletic grace of the bride as she poses for this shooting is outstanding, creating a magical atmosphere in the images.

Having an day-after photoshoot is a perfect idea if you wish to carry these memories with you for the rest of your days. Actually, it is a fantastic way of ensnaring your special moments forever and creating an album filled with everlasting pictures of your step by step journey with your better half.

Whether you decide to do something marvelous for your day-after photoshoot or something minimal like this couple did, it is always better to keep in mind that you need to stay faithful to your style and taste. Do not decide on something extravagant if you do not feel you will enjoy it fully.

On the other hand, Mania and Jacob decided to include nature in their day-after photoshoot, a fantastic idea that truly added in their concept. Nature has its way of beautifying every image, making it authentic and unique. Therefore, you could easily choose a golden beach or a scenery with lush greenery for your background, so as to make everything even more magical.

Your wedding day is the most important part of your journey as a couple and we strongly believe that having an outstanding day-after photoshoot like this one will help you enjoy this special occasion even more.

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