This is a different wedding inspiration, one that you have never seen before! Wait until you see the magnetic images below, images which take you to an inspirational journey and fill you with ideas for your own destination wedding.

What a remarkable wedding inspiration Melissourgos Tower hosted, a wedding inspiration embroidered beautifully by destination wedding planner and designer Vicky Galata. She, with her amazing attention to detail and artistic touch, managed to provide us with an outstanding result, while top destination photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas captured in a truly fantastic way elegant images which blow you away.

What we Loved the Most in this Country Chic Wedding Inspiration

To begin with, we were astonished by the velvet ivory and pale rose color palette which “married” uniquely the chromatism of the surroundings in this medieval castle. We also loved this fantastic stationery, which looks so chic dressed in the hues of white, light grey and pink.

However, the king of this fabulous country chic wedding inspiration is definitely the outdoor wedding reception, which reminds us of a stylish and chic countryside setting from Renaissance. Wooden tables and chairs accompanying a flower selection of pale rose and white blossoms dotted with greenery and dancing leaves, which pour out of the installations.

What a magnificent idea was the sublime salmon runner, floating from the one side of the table to the other, meeting with some florals, pairs of candles, porcelain plates and delicate gold cutlery, all blending smoothly together while creating one of the most outstanding and elegant wedding tables. Last but not least, we absolutely adored this wedding cake, which is a fresh and unique idea, adding extra points of flair to the whole wedding inspiration scenery.

Dive in a World of Imagination With the Images Below

We strongly believe that this wedding inspiration is one of those you will not easily forget. A very well received and designed concept, filled with astonishing little details, representing perfectly the Renaissance era and bringing to you wonderful, fresh ideas ready to be applied.

Enjoy the images below while you dive in a world of imagination on creating your own country chic destination wedding.