Dear brides to be! We are all aware of wedding planners and most of us have in mind which one we wish to hire in order to plan, organize, and produce our dreamt destination wedding, hopefully in Greece! However, during the last decade another category of wedding professional was introduced, that one of the wedding designers. Wedding designers and wedding planners are two different occupations, yet the one is often intervening the other term, not in a bad way, but their duties are merged by definition. And the definition is primly to assist and help you have, the wedding of your dreams!

First things first: what is a wedding designer? Wedding designer is the wedding professional who formulates, thinks, organizes, introduces and of course designs the elements of a wedding. From mood boards, to stationary, from photo shooting angles to floral inspiration and from cutleries to the color of napkins wedding designers are the ones who may help you to get our the deep end of ‘what am I going to have as a theme to my wedding?’ or ‘how could I organize that setting?’, for the second one referring to another wedding professional. So here we go: even if you are not a future bride but a wedding photographer, videographer, or planner, you may find a shoulder to cry (we are kidding of course) on a wedding designer. The occupation of a wedding designer stops there. From now on the wedding planner takes the things over and goes on with the actual organizing, production and management of your destination wedding happenings. Often wedding planners are designers as well, since from their own have the ability to set up hot wedding ideas and manage to combine the elements of an astonishing wedding uniquely!

The conclusion is that if you are not sure yet, how your wedding is aspired to be or how you want to organize color pallets and styles in general, a wedding designer may help you, even for the wedding cake. Saving time and then going straight to the wedding planner with a mood board in mind, may save you money as well! Keep in mind that both are here to help you!

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