Often reffered as an engagement shooting or elopement, a prewedding photo-shooting is one, which tends to take place a day prior, or even months before the official wedding date. That topic is often a matter of debate, however, we state that it is a must-have!

First reason why, is what comes first to your mind; to build up a good relationship with your photographer. (the one with your life partner is esteblished -we sincerely believe- not a joke guys! haha) Through a prewedding photo-shooting, you will get more familiar with your photographer, since you'll probably spend a whole day together, getting to know how he works.

Jumping on the second reason why the way he works; and how through your body language, he will eventually accomplish to capture the best version of your big day! Are you sure you know which profile of yours, is the most photogenetic?

Another reason why, you should definitely have a pre-wedding photo-shooting, is that those photos will be more flattering on your affection and love. Before the big day, a couple feels more relaxed, and is not on the rush organising the last details of the wedding. What is more, relatives' and friends' eyes will not be set on you; you'll have the opportunity at last, to express yourselves as you wish to, not baring in mind if others watch. So indulge into capturing that devotion and magic afair! It's like reminiscing your initial attraction and chemistry.

Concluding our love for prewedding photo-shootings, you can create a personalized website or Instagram page for your wedding day! Use your prewedding photos to create a stunning page where everyone would be able to post material from the party afterwards or wishes for you. So hashtag #welovepreweddingphotoshootings !

Photography: Julia Kaptelova

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