From may have to must have, we strongly believe that hiring a wedding cinematographer for your destination wedding is not a useless additional mark on your budget list. The only opportunity to capture the sounds and the voices apart from the frames is through your wedding video.

What almost every single bride tells us about her special day, is that it all went by so fast. During your special day, wedding photographers will undoubtedly capture every sprinkle of your wedding, but there are so many things that go around through that day. A single laugh after a quick glimpse, a little surprise your besties have arranged for you, your vows, your voice temper, your favorite song, your relatives’ speeches. Investing in wedding photos is for sure a great matter when it comes to the material you aspire to keep for many years and sneak pick into when you want to remember your groundbreaking lifetime moments. However, there are some details that, a wedding photographer cannot seize through his lens. By definition, fireworks, a 360 view of the venue, drone-shootings, your arrival, the groom’s arrival, your first dance and everyone’s expressions can only be kept and unveiled through your wedding video. Imagine your surprise when after a couple of days or months you will be able to enjoy again your wedding day, from scratch till the end, let alone reviving those moments you have totally forgotten!

-Ohh! When did that happen!?

-Did you see your expression over there?

-How I loved that song and our first dance!

There are many more to mention when you will replay your wedding video!

Regardless the fact that, a one-minute Instagram Video is the new trend of our age, living in that digital era makes us want to always be one step further before the entrance to the wedding hall. The packages that wedding cinematographers offer are exactly what you where looking for! So check our destination wedding cinematographers’ list!

Photography: Giannis Vrahoritis

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