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If you are looking for a wedding location which has unparalleled, magnetic beauty, fun activities, mouthwatering food and luxurious wedding venues, then you should have your destination wedding in Naxos.

Naxos, which is mostly a family island or an island for couples, provides you with the unique opportunity to create an intimate yet stylish destination wedding, while you explore the greek traditions and live the greek experience. In today’s article we will explore the five most important reasons why you should have your destination wedding in Naxos, an island filled with natural beauty and numerous places to visit.

Photo: Stella Gkioulou

1. For its Famous, Orange Sunset and its Numerous Sandy Beaches

Naxos is one of the most magical islands on Earth. With its sandy beaches, crystal-clear seas, and its famous orange sunset, it becomes a wonderful place to have your wedding. If you decide to have your destination wedding in Naxos, then get prepared to dive into some of the most cool, crystal-clear waters you have ever dive into, and explore its numerous outstanding beaches, which offer you soft, thin sand and a marvellous view.

Moreover, once there, you should definitely take the chance to visit Portara, this impressive marble gate, which is the temple of Apollo and provides you with the view of maybe the best sunset you have ever seen in your life. One great idea if you have your destination wedding in Naxos is to have a pre-wedding or next-day photoshoot in Portara while gazing at the orange sun setting and hugging your better half.

In any case, Naxos offers its beauty in abundance and you will have numerous chances to live the greek experience at its fullest.

Photo: Stella Gkioulou

2. You Should Have your Destination Wedding in Naxos for the Fun Activities you can Have There

Furthermore, if you have your destination wedding in Naxos, then you should know that there are plenty of fun activities you can have there. Starting with scuba-diving, and continuing with a variety of cultural events and traditional fairs that take place in the island, this can turn into a fun, unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

You can also go hiking, kitesurfing or windsurfing, or even go horse riding and visit the famous water parks of Naxos island. In any case, there numerous fun activities you and your guests can take part into, all of which will enhance your dreamy greek experience.

Photo: Stella Gkioulou

3. You Should Have your Destination Wedding in Naxos for its Mouthwatering Food

If you have your destination wedding in Naxos, then you will find out that it offers a complete, unforgettable gastronomic experience for you and your guests. There are plenty of greek traditional dishes that will make you full and offer you the chance to try remarkable tastes you will wish to have again.

Try the famous greek salad, moussaka, gyros, pastitsio or dive into a dish of fresh seafood and oysters that truly fill your mouth with exquisite tastes. Naxos offers a great range of greek traditional dishes that cover all tastes, and we are certain that once there, you will not be able to stop eating!

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4. You Should Have your Destination Wedding in Naxos for its Picturesque Landscape

One of the main reasons why you should have your destination wedding in Naxos is its picturesque landscape that covers each inch of the island. Take a journey in the magical land of Naxos, where mountains, greenery and trees are combined with an infinite sea that is lost in the depth of the light blue skies and white clouds.

Do not miss the chance to take a tour in the island and have a photoshoot in front of its breathtaking sceneries, or stoll with your better half in Naxos’ traditional alleys and enjoy the blue and white island houses.

This can be a majestic experience for you, since you will have the opportunity to witness a supreme, unparalleled natural beauty that is truly a spectacle for the eyes.

Photo: Stella Gkioulou

5. For its Luxurious Old Chapels, Traditional Villages and Venetian Castles

Naxos is famous for its archeological locations and history. There are many old chapels you can choose from to have your destination wedding, as well as small traditional villages that you should definitely pay a visit to.

In addition, once there you should grab the chance to visit its Venetian Castles that stand with majesty and are usually open for the visitors to explore. All this historical tradition will take you to a journey through time, since the island offers great opportunities for archeological strolls.

Photo: Stella Gkioulou

All in all, you should seriously consider having your destination wedding in Naxos, since it provides you with anything you need in order to create a fantastic, once in a lifetime wedding experience. Naxos, with its natural beauty, traditional customs, elegance and luxurious wedding venues, can certainly become one of the top wedding destinations in the following years.

Take the chance to pay a visit to Naxos island and enjoy a full, magical, unforgettable greek experience. If you are searching for wedding vendors in Greece to help you complete your dreamy wedding, then click HERE

Photo: Sotiris Tsakanikas

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