Of all the Greek islands, Mykonos is surely the one that stands out. Elegant, filled with life and vivid emotions, Mykonos is the island where all the magnificent weddings take place. Eduardo and Mauro, two handsome guys, decided to get married in Mykonos and exchange their vows near the waves that ripple peacefully in one of the most idyllic beaches of the island.

Both dressed in blue, these guys decided to match their costume with the color of the wedding decoration, which surely enhanced their look in a stylish way. The colors that represent Greece, white and blue, where the colors that beautifully hugged this decoration, matching the light blue sky and the crystal-clear sea. We loved the images that were created by destination photographer Kouroupis, as he managed to ensnare the romantic moments of this couple in a chic flair that really stayed in our minds.

We also adored the stationary: minimal, calligraphic and with Greek elements embracing it, such as the blue candle stamp on the envelopes and the olive branches that surround it. Moreover, we think that the arch made of greenery looked fantastic by the sea and that it was an ideal choice for this kind ofwedding. Everything looked marvelous in this wedding ceremony, with the grooms filled with joy, smiling blissfully to each other and kissing. An ideal scenery for an ideal couple.

Mykonos is, if anything, an amazing choice to organize the most phantasmagorical and special day of your life. Endless sea, countless blue and white island houses, as well as numerous couples enjoying their love as they walk under the hot sun. In this island, literally love is in the air. You could say Mykonos is the island of freedom and romance and that makes it ideal for any couple whose wedding day is on the way.

Therefore, do not hesitate! If you are searching somewhere fun and romantic to get married, then Mykonos is what you are looking for.