Monemvasia is a medieval fortress in the Peloponnese, 400 km from Athens, that sits on a small rock connected to the mainland by a narrow strip, making it inaccessibleto cars. The name ‘Monemvasia’ means ‘single entrance’ and comes from the fact that the citadel only had one entry point. Its name in Italian is Malvasia, which is also a famous sweet wine. Monemvasia’s strategic position allowed the control of maritime traffic between Italy and Constantinople, establishing it as an important trade centre. Apart from its rich past, Monemvasia offers an unforgettable architectural experience no matter what time of the day you walk around its narrow cobblestone ways. All the houses are built with the local pale gold looking stone and several towers rise here and there longing to reach the sky. If in the area, do visit Elafonissos, which means ‘deer island’ in Greek, and is located on the southeast of the Peloponnese. It’s a mere 570 meters away from the mainland and is considered one of the most exotic Mediterranean destination because of its tropic-like golden beaches and turquoise-green waters. MUST VISIT: On Elafonissos the incomparable Simos and Lefki beach. Just across the island lies Pavlopetri where you will find one of the oldest submerged cities of the Mediterranean, an astounding 5000 years old.

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