Discovering the gorgeous KK Jewelry Lab pieces a few years back it was love at first sight! From delicate barely there finery to precious stones, diamonds, rubies and statement treasures, we would be remiss not to urge brides to be to plunge into the beauty of the house's ss2018 collections via the Premium Vendor Guide of Getting Married in Greece.

Upon our visit to the House of KK Jewelry Lab, the founder and super talented designer behind the family brand counting over 40 years in haute joiallerie, Katerina Kouloubourou unveiled their’s engagement ring collection. Espy a swathe of modern, eclectic, forever earrings, bracelets and pendants sure to make the finest gifts for your bridesmaids, and say "Yes" with stunning engagement sparklers that will turn all eyes on your fingers! Explore KK Jewelry Lab page on our premium Vendor Guide.

Katerina how do you find inspiration?

My inspiration derives from simply everything. Nature, my everyday life and especially people... It’s the way you see things, I believe you can find inspirational elements really everywhere. When it comes to our engagement rings, what I always have in mind when designing, is that I want this ring to be really unique, elegant and a timeless piece, carrying its values to the next generations. I wish a woman will be wearing it for a lifetime, not just as an engagement ring, but as a ring she will be proud of, reflecting her own personality and style.

When did you start design jewels and whats the story behind KK Jewelry Lab?

I started designing in 2014, just when KK Jewelry Lab was born. Our history goes back in the late 1970s to a small goldsmith lab at Syntagma Square in Athens. Back then, it was a wholesale jewelry specialized in brilliant-cut diamonds. When I decided to take over the creative direction, my need for aesthetics and creativity led to a complete reinvention of KK Jewelry Lab, starting from zero! Even the place that we work, reflects our values and defines our brand personality. It is actually located in my old house, where I grew up and have so many childhood memories... The patio of Japanese garden in the heart of our building lets the warm sunlight in, adding to the harmony of our interior spaces and making it easier for us in ΚΚ Jewelry Lab to communicate our philosophy and culture. So KK Jewelry Lab, is basically a very young brand, emphasizing on a new style while maintaining the same, well-known and indisputable quality in exceptional jewelry creations.

How long does it take to make a custom engagement ring?

All our creations are handmade by skillful and experienced technicians, and the whole production process is carefully followed and examined by our team, each step along the way. We need approximately ten working days to make the engagement ring of your dreams come to life!

What you usually suggest to your customers about picking the perfect ring to propose?

As it is usually the man, coming to us, seeking the perfect ring to propose, we try to be as helpful as possible to make it easy for him to decide! We always try to determine the woman’s personality and style first -If she is modern or classic, minimal or romantic... Then we always suggest the ring that best suits her own taste while keeping in mind that an engagement ring should be something timeless and unique.

When it comes to the perfect size, we always advice our male clients to “steal” a ring of their beloved one, in order to define exactly her size and we usually suggest a bigger number just to be sure that it will fit! After all, we are a lab, so we can then make all the desired changes..

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Photography: Chris Gouberis | Wedding Rings: KK Jewelry Lab | Styling: Getting Married In Greece (Learn more about us here)

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